Why We're Hooked on the Fish Shack

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Fresh fish al fresco on Dun Laoghaire's East Pier...

If you go down to the pier today, you're in for a tasty surprise - Ouzos Bar & Grill of Dalkey and Blackrock, Dublin, have translated their knowledge of fresh seafood into fish al fresco on Dun Laoghaire's scenic East Pier.

Fish Shack turns the chipvan idea into an altogether more wholesome experience, serving up whole fish and scampi caught freshly each morning. The basic fish and chips are to die for but there are also more decadent options such as fresh lobster rolls, seafood salad and crab claws, with kids? portions also available. Prices range from €2.50 to €9.50.

The 'shack?, which has the look of a rustic cabin on wheels, is open for business from 12pm to sunset, meaning you can grab some tasty and, most importantly, quick food on your lunch break or after an evening stroll, and dine on a bench overlooking the sea while the sun still shines.


Feeling adventurous?! The Fish Shack is now selling fresh crab claws and live lobster for you to cook at home!

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