Why We Love Dogs More Than Humans

Have you ever felt a heady, fuzzy feeling when snuggling with your pooch? Are you one of those anti-social types who claims to love dogs more than you do humans? You're not alone, and there's a very real reason for it.

Scientific research has confirmed that when an owner is staring into the eyes of his or her dog, their oxytocin levels begin to rise. We feel particularly bonded to our pups not only because they are cute, helpless, unconditionally loving and always happy to see us, but because this is the same hormone produced when bonds are created between a parent and a child. So, to consider your dog as an integral part of your family (which 90% of pet owners do) makes all kinds of sense.

Did you know in one particular study, 40% of the women surveyed said they got more emotional support from their pet than they did from their husband or their children? *Runs in the direction of the nearest Dogs Trust (and possibly divorce lawyer).


Check out the video below for the science behind our canine adoration.


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