Why Online Fitness Classes Make So Much Sense

January is one of those months where you can't help but feel you need to make some changes. It's a new calender year. The magazines keep shouting something about resolutions. You can no longer buy barrels of chocolate with such incredible ah-feck-it ease. However, overhauling one's life is hard work, especially when we're still in hibernation mode and it is baltic outside. Surely one more hour in bed watching The Good Wife is allowed?

This is where online yoga and pilates come into play. With the internet many things are possible. You can hate-Instagram-follow that girl you sat beside in Maths who is now engaged to what seems to be an Austrailian athlete and is having a fab time in what seems to be a private pool. Cat videos. Ordering a grocery shop online is a clickable godsend. More cat videos. And now, you can get fit while stretching that bandwidth. Online yoga and pilate videos are the future for girls on the go.

What with schedules and work hours becoming increasingly erratic, committing to strict class times certain nights of the week can be an added stress you really don't need. Signing up to a pilates or yoga class that is broadcast over the internet might be the best decision you make this year. They may also work out cheaper in the long run.

PhD student Catherine says, ?Cost and convenience are the two main reasons I use online over real-life classes. All the programmes I've followed so far have been free (apart from two programmes, which I've only had to pay around €25 for), I can fit them in whenever it suits me, and because I can do as many as I want whenever I want, I've found them really effective.? Lower costs, and at a time and pace that suits your lifestyle? Talk about ticking all the modern living boxes.


Here are some online classes worth checking out.

The Balanced Life by Robin Long is fast becoming our internat calm space. Long encourages pilates-inspired living and often throws in some barr? moves to shake things up. A lot of her videos and short courses are already available for free on Youtube, so you can sample the goods before making an investment in one of her programmes. thebalancedlifeonline.com

Our Caroline likes DoYouYoga. The courses are straightforward and if you're a beginner, or just looking to keep that downward dog in good shape, you can't do any better than signing up. doyouyoga.com

Did you dream of being a ballerina from when you were knee high? Live that dream in your living room thanks to Mary Helen Bowers rather fabulous Ballet Beautiful. A dancer's toned physique isn't far off and Bowers is so respected in her industry that she trained Academy Award winner Natalie Portman for barr? thriller Black Swan. How do you like those credentials? Access to her workouts, which are always being updated, start at $39.99 per month. balletbeautiful.com

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Let the husband and wife team behind Pilatesology take your core up another notch. Classes are streamed from Hermosa Beach, California and an annual subscribtion works out at just over €10 a month. pilatesology.com

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