Why Kevin Bacon Is The Best Person Ever

Listen, we all know Kevin Bacon is a good guy. He was in Footloose and his work in She's Having a Baby is the soundtracked-by-Kate-Bush performance of our time. However, our love for the Bacon has reached new heights after this story of his work with the elderly in New York was reported.

According to the New York Post, the 57-year-old actor has recently started volunteering at the Encore Community Centre last week and is helping prepare and personally deliver meals to elderly people home-bound in the city. One woman, who is a recipient of the Citymeals-on-Wheels scheme, even sang 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' when he landed on her doorstep.

Can we all get an ?Awwwwwww!? for Kevin Bacon.


Turns out that being a decent human being is in the actor's nature. In 2007 the actor, who is currently starring in Cop Car, even set up a charity called SixDegrees.org, a reference to the game where you try to connect every actor in the industry to the other via a connection with Kevin Bacon. Amongst other endeavours, the charity helps connect celebrities with causes in order to raise funds and the profiles of worthy non-profits.

Via The New York Post

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