Why is Bone Broth Suddenly a Trend?

Bone broth?is the 'it' food of 2014 - we look at the rise of humble stock.

We Irish are usually very matter of fact when it comes to decluttering the world of foodie nonsense. So, watching the rise of so-called 'bone broth' in trendy capitals across the world is amusing us endlessly. As our mothers would say ?It's called stock.?

In recent months bone broth has been gathering devotees in a post juice cleanse and paleo diet world. It's also got Hemsley sister approval - expect to see bowls of jumped up stock dominating your Instagram feed in the new few months. The word superfood is starting to hang about the fragranced air. After all, bone broth has many benefits. Not only is this simple dish a convenient?cost saver, it is undeniably nourishing and aids digestion. It boosts immunity and is rich in proteins and minerals. The collagen and keratin is good for skin and hair and regualr drinkers swear it staves off flu. Sounds like we should get simmering those leftover Sunday roast carcasses...


Bone broth is even replacing coffee as a pick me up with New York establishments, such as Brodo, serving it to-go in paper cups. How modern. It's reassuring to see a dish that has thrived for generations across the world make an appearance on foodie trend forecasts - there's something comforting about not having to google what exactly tahini is. Bone broth has a long history with Asian cooking putting a spicy spin on the drink and in England it is even known to some generations as 'beef tea'.

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Domini Kemp, who spoke at our IMAGE Networking Breakfast earlier this week about her decision to open the very healthy and delicious Alchemy Juice Co, is one of Ireland's premier bone broth champions, "Bone broth - when properly prepared - offers lots of nutrients and minerals - including the protein collagen which is great for gorgeous skin. It helps boost your immune system, heals your gut and is anti-inflammatory. An all round winner, I'd say." Domini assures us Alchemy Juice Co will be serving bone broth very soon, so all you city centre frequenters will be able to say you jumped on the new superfood wagon early on.

Like the sound of Alchemy Juice Co??Our Jo Linehan had good words.

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