When White Just Isn't Right - 7 Colourful Wedding Dresses

Let's get real for a minute, the virginal white wedding gown is not for everyone. We are strong believers in fun colourful wedding dresses. It takes a certain kind of bride to rock something a little less traditional, but if you dare to be different, take a look at these 7 whimsical wonders.

Minty Fresh

A cool and crisp shade of mint green can be absolutely idyllic. Here comes the bride, and she is a VISION.


Purple Rain

An ode to Prince, enter the purple bride. We suggest a softer shade of lilac, which maintains that feminine bridal image.

Pretty in Pink

It makes the boys wink for a reason! What woman could say no to a beautiful pink dress on her big day? Nobody we know anyway!


Something Blue

Need something blue for your nuptials? Go all out and rock?a blue number down that aisle.

Black Magic

Okay, so this one may seem a little scary. Black is a sure fine way to look chic at any occasion, so why not your wedding day? If Sarah Jessica Parker can do it, then so can you!


All About Orange

Perfectly Mediterranean for the summer wedding of your dreams. Orange is a colour that puts a smile on everyone's face.

Lovely Lemon


This is the perfect dress for a colourful wedding. Its not too in your face, but still fun and bright.

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