Which Colour Wine Really Gives You The Worst Hangover?

This one might just come in handy if you're planning to hit the wine if you head out later. It's no secret that drinking more wine than you intended can leave you feeling worse for wear, but now a study has revealed exactly which colour wine (red, white or ros?) will make you feel the worst and fairly fragile the next day. Okay, we know if you drink too much of any wine you'll be paying for it, but according to research, this particular colour wine shouldn't be drunk by the bucketful if you want to avoid hangover hell.

Bad news for red wine lovers, as it's too much of this one that will most likely give you the hangover from hell, according to the study by ABC. This is due to something called the 'congeners' that give the wine its dark colour. Meaning that red wine has a tonne more of these congeners than white, thus ultimately leading to more of those ?I-want-to-curl-up-in-a-ball-and-sleep-forever? days.

Congeners are a toxic byproduct of the fermenting process in some alcohols. Though the body processes congeners and breaks them down, toxins are created - and it's these make you feel unwell. So how rotten you feel will depends on the amount of congeners you've consumed of an evening. Red wine also has a higher alcohol content (around 12% to 14%) than white, which of course, adds to the whole hangover thing.

Drinking Red wine is said to give you the worst hangovers out of white and ros?.

Professor Steve Allsop, from the National Drug Research Institute in Perth, said different types of alcohol can make your hangover worse - this is due to a number of things including congeners. Congeners contribute to the colour and flavour of alcoholic drinks, those that are higher in congeners are darker in colour.


Red wine also contains a few added extras that can add to your sufferings. For example, the histamines in red wine can make some people who suffer hay fever feel miserable. And that terrible headache you get after too much wine? Not just a figment of your imagination, but down to tannins in the drink, a flavonoid that makes the wine dry.

However, it's not all bad news for red wine lovers, as new research has shown that an ingredient in grapes, berries and red wine can help you lose weight.

They all contain an ingredient, which has been found capable of turning flab into calorie-burning ?brown? fat, according to the International Journal of Obesity.

Either way, you may (or may not) think twice about having that extra glass of red if you want to stay super fresh the next day.


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