What's Really Going On In The Office Loo?

While we wouldn't normally give a second thought as to what our colleagues get up to when they nip?into the office loo, a new report?has suggested that quite a few are using their toilet breaks for more than the obvious.

According to The Telegraph,'modern secret toilet behaviour now includes far more conventional (if you disregard the fact that it's a public bathroom) pastimes.

Watching Netflix is a popular one - some have even confessed to bringing snacks with them for a good binge - while others have revealed napping habits that take up to?30 minutes out of their work day - yes, while in (or, more pointedly on), the toilet.

?I sat there for about 40 minutes watching an episode of The Good Wife on Netflix. I had my iPad with me,'so just plugged my headphones in. I felt a bit guilty for not working but it was a quiet day in the office and, to be honest, I just wanted to know what happened in the next episode,? said one surveyed.


?I once had a 30 minute sleep in the loos at work because I was so hungover,? a twenty-something admitted. ?It was when I was having a quiet day. I don't regret it.?

These bizarre sounding revelations come after a new survey carried out by Homebase'revealed that around 3.7 million people in Britain opt for the?bathroom?to find a place of solitude. ?The survey focused on bathrooms in homes, but many then said via Twitter that they continued this behaviour in the office.

Another said she found time to nap in her work bathroom (how did she get comfortable?) while one added that she used her cubicle to?pump breast milk - we can't pass judgement here as if you've just returned to work after having a baby, needs must.

Other activities (probably) happening in a cubicle near you, include yoga stretches, certain things?we can't (and won't) mention, snacking, power posing for a confidence boost, or simply having a sit-down away from a desk.

It all sounds hilarious, are you guilty of doing any of this in your office loo?

We promise we'll keep it to ourselves.



Via The Telegraph

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