This Is What's In The Oscars Goodie Bag

The goodie bag is an intrinsic part of any event in this year of our Lord two thousand and sixteen. Why show up to anything unless there's the promise of a nail file imprinted with a logo or a scented candle? Why wake up in the morning.

Even the Oscars, a party for people with loads of money and houses with horizon pools, has a goodie bag. And its contents are really? something. The bag is worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Page Six report the value of this year's swag, a cool $232,000, is the highest yet.

Here's a peek at what the winners and mostly losers are taking home:

  • A trip to Israel worth $55,000.
  • A 15-day walking tour of Japan.
  • Personalised M&Ms.
  • A vaporizer. Someone page Leo.
  • Audi rental vouchers amounting to a value of $45,000.
  • A vibrator.
  • A roll of luxury toilet paper worth $275.
  • And a vampire breast lift that costs $1,900. This cosmetic procedure involves blood being drawn from your arm and injected into your breasts. I'm feeling faint.

Via Page Six

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