What's your money personality?

Before you tackle your spending, it helps to know what your money personality is. Yep, that’s a thing. Financial expert LORRAINE DONEGAN explains...

Money. We all need it, most of us want more of it, and during most of our waking hours, we’re either earning it or spending it. So why are we uncomfortable talking about it?

What feelings do you have when someone mentions the word budget... or savings, pensions or investments? Do you start to squirm a little in your seat, do you believe it’s someone else’s responsibility, or do you feel a warm satisfaction that you’ve got it all under control?

Whatever your reaction, understanding your money personality could be the first step you take in helping achieve your own financial freedom. Read on to see where you fit in the money personality spectrum and get some ideas on what you could do to improve things...


Most people know what their household’s monthly income/salary is, but what about all those pesky expenditures? Do you know exactly where all that money gets re-directed, eg €X goes to the mortgage, €Y goes to savings, €Z feeds my Charlotte Tilbury obsession...? If the answer is yes, then allow yourself a smug grin because you’re a money activist.

Money activists aren’t complacent about their money, they’ve worked hard for their dosh and in turn, they want it to work hard for them.

They maintain a balance between what they earn, save and spend and do all the “right” things. In fact, they’re so in tune to their money management that they probably count their financial advisor as a friend.

Find your money personality in the April issue of IMAGE, on shelves now.


Lorraine Donegan, aka the Money Muse, is passionate about changing the financial freedom and power of women in Ireland. For more of her expert tips, check out the April issue of IMAGE, available now, or visit doneganfinancial.com.


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