#WhatIEat: Julianne And Lydia Of BlackSheep Foods

Have you been following our #WhatIEat series, in which we talk to some of Ireland's leading wellness personalities about what exactly makes it to their daily plates? (First up was Susan Jane White, and then we chatted to Indy Power of The Little Green Spoon Blog.) This week we're spying on Julianne and Lydia of BlackSheep Foods. These two started catering company?BlackSheep Foods last October with just an Instagram account. Albeit one so pretty we rated it as one of Ireland's five must-follow foodie accounts. Ever since they've been going from strength to word-of-mouth strength, drawing endless praise for their quirky approach to healthy and delicious food. Every day they create unique and specialised menus for their events and clients, while also keeping their own bodies nourished. They practice what they preach, but oh what a beautiful preach.

Check out their foodie diary below.

blacksheep foods breakfast

Day 1

Breakfast?We are both in the kitchen very early, but always try and take at least ten minutes out to enjoy some breakfast. This little cup is filled with warm porridge, fresh almond milk, our quinoa granola, red currants, rosemary and a good dollop of coconut yogurt for extra creaminess. Porridge is great as it?gives a long gradual release of energy, helps keep your blood sugar levels stable and also keeps you full for longer.?

Green juice blacksheep foodsIf we are doing a juice delivery, we generally will make extra for ourselves. My favourite in the morning is our Green with Envy juice. It's filled with kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, apple and kombu. It's extremely refreshing, packed with vitamins and minerals and definitely gives me an energy boost in the mornings.


We are both snackers and often have to control ourselves. We generally remember to bring apples and almonds with us on the road.

Lunch day vietnamese fresh spring rolls

Lunch?These are not hard to make whatsoever. They are Vietnamese rice paper rolls filled with basil, mint, carrots, kale, courgettes and served with an Asian dipping sauce. They are very light but surprisingly filling. I remember the first time making one for my brother. He openly speaks his mind and was very impressed and asked for another.?
shrimp tacos blacksheep foods

Dinner?I'm generally exhausted from cooking all day and just want something easy. Tacos are delicious, fun and simple to put together. Shrimp marinated in chilli, lemon and garlic and served in warm soft corn tortillas with cabbage slaw, salsa and chipotle greek yogurt.

treats day 1 smores blacksheep foods

My something sweet for the day could be whatever I am making for our events. Like these little s'mores. Marshmallow dipped in dark chocolate and cookie crumb. Indulgent but one won't hurt.

avocado toast blacksheep foods


Day 2

Breakfast I absolutely love avocados. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and are full of good fats. This morning I am having avocado on our gluten free health loaf toasted with some lemon zest and juice, feta and chopped rosemary. I love these flavours together.

beet black rice blacksheep foods

Lunch is forbidden black rice with roasted beets and kale from Maynooth Organics farm, peas, radish, St Tola's goats cheese and pistachio crumb. We buy local as much as possible and use Maynooth Organic's for most of our produce.

Almond thumprints blacksheep foods

Snack?These are great little healthy snacks and super easy to make. They are coconut and almond thumbprints filled with banana, chia seeds, kale and topped with raspberries. I love making them .They are also sugar, dairy and gluten free.

sumac chicken blacksheep foods


Dinner?Sumac and citrus roast chicken with greens, avocado and greek yogurt.?I love Sumac. It is a spice used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking that has a lovely tart mild lemon flavour. It works great with chicken or fish.

kale cheddar scones blacksheep foods

Day Three

Breakfast?We are constantly making these scones. They are kale and cheddar. I love this combination, probably also because I have a slight cheese obsession. Topped with a fried egg and good cup of coffee is sheer bliss.

beetroot avocado blacksheep

Lunch?Bowl of coconut yogurt mixed with beetroot juice from juicing and topped with strawberries, avocado, pistachios and chia seeds. I know people might be like "ugh" beetroot juice but it actually adds a nice sweetness to the yogurt. The colour is also beautiful.

rosemary popcorn blacksheep foods


Snack?Homemade popcorn with black pepper and rosemary.?We both love popcorn as a healthy snack.

steam bun asian blacksheep foods

Dinner?During the week it has to be something I can put together pretty easily. This is a steamed bun filled with 5 spice roast duck, cucumber, chill, mint and lime. If you haven't tried one of these, you're missing out. They are divine. You can buy the buns at most Asian markets or make it more fun and make your own.

Julianne's Favourite Restaurant My parents are both from Kinvara in Co. Galway, we tend to get down for a night or two whenever we can to switch off. Our favourite restaurant to eat at in Galway is Ard Bia. It's always delicious.

ard bia glaway

Julianne's Guilty Pleasure Cheese and a crisp glass of Rose on a Summers evening.

Lydia's Guilty Pleasure Chocolate, bacon sandwiches and glass of white wine.


Julianne's Favourite Meal Eleven Madison Park in New York. It is one of the most prestigious restaurants in the world. I was fortunate to eat there with a friend while living and working as a Chef in NYC.

Lydia's Favourite Meal Copper Kitchen in Ubud, Bali. I?found it while travelling and fell in love with their slow-cooked chilli chicken udon.

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