What You Can Make From The Drinks Cabinet Over Christmas

It's Christmas day, you're at home, at your parents house and you're starting to run out of alcohol. It's time to make use of the bottles of Kahlua and Creme De Menthe that have been in your parent's drinking cabinet for as long as you can remember. Because that's what Christmas is all about.

It turns out there are several websites designed for this very purpose. Drinksmixer.com, Cocktailbuilder.com and MakeMeACocktail.com will allow you to insert whatever ingredients you ?have at home, and they'll tell you what cocktails you can make with your ingredients. There's even recipes for when one of the last non alcoholic drinks in the fridge is milk. So here's some recipes for cocktails you can make with ingredients you more than likely will find in your parent's drinks cabinet.

A Recipe For That Bottle Of Apple Schnapps

Somebody in your family drank apple schnapps on their holiday and liked it so much they brought home a bottle so everybody could love it too. But that was five years ago and that bottle of schnapps has been gathering dust in your cabinet ever since. If you have vodka, you can mix it with your apple schnapps to make an Appletini, or this recipe?is handy if your only mixers left are juice.

A Recipe For That Bottle Of Baileys Someone Gets Every Year


It's time to crack open the bottle of Baileys that appears every Christmas. This recipe?for your Baileys Irish Cream?will also help you finally shift that bottle of Creme de Menthe and Kahlua - don't gag, it sounds like it would taste like a Mint Aero Bar.

A Recipe For Your Whiskey

If you don't use all your whiskey on Irish Coffee (coffee, whiskey, cream, sugar and maybe some more of that Baileys if you didn't finish it on the recipe above) then this recipe sounds pretty good.

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A Recipe For ?Your Granny's Sherry

You're probably really struggling to find a drink if you're willing to drink your granny's sherry - but this recipe might make it go down easier.



A Recipe For Brandy

Brandy is the most Christmassy drink and this recipe?will also help you finish off any Pernod or Cointreau you may have at home!

A Recipe For WKD Blue

We don't know why you'd have a bottle of WKD Blue in the drinks cabinet at Christmas time - maybe your parent's thought it looked nice or a teenager left it there. If you do have a bottle of WKD Blue hanging around, and some orange juice, vodka and peach schnapps , this recipe sounds quite nice - even if it is called Dustbin. Okay, maybe not.


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Worst case scenario, just throw it all together and come up with your own Christmas cocktails. Happy Christmas everyone!


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