What To Do Today

Surf Here

Sea Sessions is officially underway in Donegal. The three-day surf and music festival takes place on the sandy dunes of Bundoran beach, and this year's headliners include Gavin James, 99 Souls and Tinie Tempah. Saturday and Sunday tickets are available here, and don't forget your togs!


Use This

Queen Panti has partnered with Airbnb for this year's Pride festivities to create #HostWithPride:, which is a helpful guide for Airbnb hosts showcase some of the most fabulous spots in Dublin to their guests and help them live like locals during Pride. Happy Pride!



Read This

Last week our resident bookworm Jen wrote about a book that changed her life - The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath - and she reckons it could change yours too. Considered as one of the classics, it follows the life of Esther Greenwood; a college student who travels to New York to work on a renowned magazine, who slowly descends into mental illness. Buy it here.


Visit This

Visual artist Alice Maher will hold a special exhibition at Kevin Kavanagh Gallery at Chancery Lane, Dublin 8. Titled 'The Glorious Maids of the Charnel House', the exhibit explores the world of mutability and metamorphosis. The maids stand?guard in a visceral universe, where human, animal and vegetal intermingle and overlap in surprising hybrid forms. ?The exhibition runs until July 2nd. For more information click here

The Hunter


Shop Here

Support local fashion retailers and shop at Source Vintage. A passion project from?Stephen Wells and?Liina Turtonen, Source Vintage is a genderless vintage clothing store whose aim is to break down the barriers that currently exist in mainstream stores, and to promote a clear message through their passion for positive body image and gender neutral style.source

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