What To Cook: Herrings In Oatmeal With R?moulade

Herrings in Oatmeal with R'moulade

Herring has been a staple of traditional Swedish cuisine since at least the 16th century, and has basically become the idiosyncratic national food, along with meatballs! But while it's typically chopped and marinated, and served cold, this is an altogether understated use of the heroic herring. Filleted herring is pretty economical to buy, quick to cook and full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Here, I've coated the fish in a crisp, oatmeal crust, and paired them with a dairy-free r'moulade. Think of them as the deliciously healthy alternative to fish fingers!

1 portion gives you:
fat 39.9g (of which saturates 7.8g)
carbohydrate 23.4g (of which sugars 3.8g)
fibre 6.1g
protein 37.5g
salt 1.3g

Serves 2

Prep time 20 minutes, plus soaking


Cooking time 4 minutes

4 large or 8 small herring fillets, large bones discarded
English mustard, for brushing
50g medium oatmeal
1 tbsp ground flaxseeds
cold-pressed rapeseed oil, for frying
mixed leaf salad, to serve

For the r'moulade
30g cashew nuts
85g celeriac, peeled and cut into thin matchsticks
juice of 1 small lemon
1 carrot, cut into thin matchsticks
1 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp finely chopped parsley leaves
pink or sea salt and cracked black pepper

To make the r'moulade, soak the cashew nuts in 100ml hot water for 1 hour. Tip the nuts and soaking water into a small blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Prepare the celeriac and immediately toss it in the lemon juice to stop it discolouring. Place in a bowl with the carrot and mustard. Pour over the cashew cream, season with salt and pepper and stir until combined. Set aside. Rinse and pat dry the herring fillets. Spread the English mustard over both sides of each fillet, mix together the oatmeal and flax seeds, then dunk the fillets in the oatmeal mixture until evenly coated.

Heat enough oil to coat the base of a large frying pan over a medium heat and fry the herring fillets for 2 minutes on each side until crisp and golden.

Divide the r'moulade between two serving plates, sprinkle with parsley, place the crispy herring fillets by the side and serve with a mixed leaf salad.



Extracted from Fit in 3: The Scandi Plan by Faya Nilsson (Sphere, approx €20). Photograph by Kate Berry.

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