What Does Your Job Say About Your Sex Life?

Accountants and nurses rank amongst the most likely of all occupations to be looking for a relationship, with journalists and police officers more likely to look for a casual hook up. That's according to an analysis of 33,000 users by mobile dating app Clover, who published a handy info-graphic of what your career choice says about what you want from your dating life.

And the results are pretty surprising. Amongst the starkest results are that actors want a hook up, doctors need friends, those in the PR industry like to keep it casual and that pharmacists are looking for love.

Users of the app (which boasts of being a mix of Tinder and OK Cupid) are asked to select from the four categories of ?friends?, ?hook up?, ?casual? and ?long-term?. Not totally unsurprisingly, it is the very time-demanding jobs such as doctors and lawyers that are more likely to be looking just for companions, not partners.

Among the most likely to looking to keep things casual are teachers, musicians, construction workers and scientists. If you're looking for a relationship, pharmacists, designers and psychologists are amongst the most likely to want the same.


So that's where we went wrong over the years...

Did Clover get it right with you and what you want from your love life?

Hannah Popham @HannahPopham

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