Wes Anderson gives his blessing to a glorious new coffee table book 

The filmmaker authored the foreword to an upcoming tome compiled by super-fan Instagram curator @accidentallywesanderson

Candy coloured ballrooms. Wedding cake hotels. Graphic forms. Uncanny symmetry. All are among the motifs of filmmaker Wes Anderson, whose vibrant aesthetic is as distinctive as his comedy is quirky. 

So singular is his style that it inspired super-fan Wally Koval to set up the Instagram account @accidentallywesanderson, inviting kindred spirits to share their photos of likeminded landmarks, interiors and a-bit-bonkers settings. It was a blockbuster success. At the time of writing Koval has more than one million followers – and now a 368-page coffee table book, whose foreword was written by Anderson himself.

Inside its pages is a Technicolor romp around the world, offering idiosyncratic eyefuls of sorbet-hued cinemas, mid-century trains, 1960s waiting rooms, Beaux Arts hotels, pastel hamlets, lashings of Art Deco and so much more, each image cherry-picked by Koval to best echo Anderson’s set pieces. 


“Anderson-esque” Irish landmarks have been shared on Koval’s Insta page and website, so we’ll look forward to seeing, hopefully, snapshots of Dublin’s Hugh Lane Gallery, Cork’s Butter Museum, Enniscrone’s Cliff Baths and maybe even the oh-so-glamorous Dublin Area Rapid Transport aka the DART, in this cheery homage.





Header collage by Pexels, featuring book cover and photo @AccidentallyWesAnderson/Valentina Jacks


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