We're Dead Serious About How Much We Love This "Funny in Sweden" Cocktail

How to make The Liquor Rooms' headline (punchline?) cocktail.?Here, Fergus O'Leary, general manager of?the premium Dublin cocktail joint, shares the (slightly surreal) recipe for one of their exclusive?tipples...

This whiskey-based charmer is one of our favourites from the menu,?not only because it's delicious, but because it's more than just a drink???it's an experience! It was created in The Liquor Rooms by our wonderful Swedish bartender, John Norrman.?John is known for spurting out the most ridiculous statements and jokes that would only be?considered "funny in Sweden". We decided to garnish the drink with a tiny scroll tied to the'stem of the glass, on which we have printed a terrible joke. The joke is not meant to be?funny, which leads to some bemused and confused faces, to which the bartender can say,?"It's funny in Sweden???I promise."

Also, on the back of each joke, we have a section for the customer to submit their very own'terrible joke along with their email and name, and, as long as it's not too funny, we will add it?to our list of jokes and reference the author.

* 40ml Chivas Regal 12-year-old
* 20ml Aperol
* 10ml Benoit Serres Liqueur - la Violette
* 30ml lemon juice
* 10ml sugar syrup


?Shake all of the ingredients in a shaker with ice.
2?Double-strain the mixture into a large coupe?glass.
3?Attach terrible joke.
4?Don't laugh.
5?Enjoy the drink!

The Liquor Rooms have just launched their new cocktail menu! Hurrah! Head on down for a taster in person...


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