Billy O?Driscoll Has Entered The World

Welcome Billy O'Driscoll!

Ireland's Unofficial First Couple and genuinely lovely people, Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Huberman, welcomed their second baby to the world yesterday. Billy O'Driscoll joins his older sister Sadie, who is one and half years old, and shares initials with his famous father. Paddy Power are already offering 100-to-1 odds that baby Billy will play rugby for Ireland.

The Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer is here

We love Pitch Perfect. So much so the soundtrack is on our non-private Spotify playlist - we're that committed to its musical excellence, although there should probably be a quota on how many amateur songstresses can cover Cups on Youtube. The sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, is on the horizon and here is the trailer to cheer up your Friday.

Beyonc? leaked two tracks


*Does office desk dance* So Queen Bey's self-title album that sent the internet into overdrive is releasing a platinum edition and two songs have made their way online. Ring Off and 7/11 are your weekend anthems. Here's some 7/11 for your soul.


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