Wedding Trends: The Art Deco Extravaganza

Are you ready to head back to the roaring 20's? First up in our wedding trends series is the roaring 20's Gatsby vibe. While the fashion world is still caught up in the 70's; suede, denim and checks don't exactly scream bridal. The 1920's pre-war era however? It's dark, luxurious, sensual, architectural and strong, making it perfect for a glitz and glamour 'I Do'.

The other benefit is that Art Deco is practically an entire wedding trend - from typeface?to dress cut?to those stunning symmetric prints. So if you decide?to go for it, you have options in every area that fit neatly into the overall aesthetic.

The first thing you need to do is choose a venue that will embrace that bold?geometric?look, it should at a minimum have clean lines and plenty of space. There's no point in trying to enforce it?on a quaint country garden wedding, it just won't work.

It can be tricky to theme a wedding without it coming out like a fancy dress party. We're by no means suggesting you go for all of the options here, just pick the ones that are most in keeping with your personal style and you'll be golden.


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