Wedding Trends: Rustic Bohemia

Welcome to our second instalment of this year's wedding trends ideas. If you missed go get lost with Gatsby in out Art Deco Ideas piece.

Rustic is one of those wedding words that gets thrown around a lot, it's almost a cliche at this point that every wedding must be in some way 'rustic'. So because this author had to have a look through the dictionary to firm up the meaning of the word, here's the definition - "Having a simplicity and charm that is considered typical of the countryside". Which is wedding terms'means exposed wood, natural fabrics, soft lighting?and haphazard florals.

If you are looking for that simple wholesome feel, you need not have your ceremony in a barn surrounded by farmlands, there are plenty of ways to introduce it without going all-out pastoral.Think Chantilly lace, ivory tones, and nothing too perfect. Have a flick though our gallery for ideas on bridal fashion, decor, table toppers and wedding favours.


Again, we are not suggesting you do everything in the gallery, just pick out the ideas that speak most to you and be sure to put your own personal twist on them. More than other wedding themes, rustic is all about the personal details.


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