Wedding Trends: Dressed Down Industrial

In the third instalment of our wedding trends series, we're looking at all the ways to bring architectural, industrial design ideas into your wedding.

Similar to Art Deco and Rustic themes, the industrial urban feel will rely heavily on the space itself, it's difficult to add in small elements. That said, any clean, raw space will suffice, it should be a little bit blunt so you can add form and personality to it.

The number one rule in getting industrial chic is to?keep it simple. If the space feels cluttered it won't give that same crisp feeling that you're going for.

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These spaces can sometimes be dark and heavy, and that adds to the depth and attraction of an industrial style wedding so feel free to complement it with small pops of colour, but do so sparingly. Pick one central focus and work everything else off that. For example, a giant star,?hanging pompoms or even balloons. This is probably the only wedding setting where balloons add to the occasion rather than make it look like a kid's party, we love the "CAKE" balloons in the gallery!


The quickest way to make a space feel a little more tough is the chairs. Sounds odd but the seating, both in the ceremony and during the reception will set the tone so choose metal or clear plastic chairs that create an unusual shape. Go for a mix and match and some throws if you want more of a shabby-chic feel. For flowers, it's completely up to you just avoid the traditional roses. We like the idea of a multitude of greens and those concrete blocks as floral centrepieces - genius!

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Again, we are not suggesting you do everything in the gallery, just pick out the ideas that speak most to you and be sure to put your own personal twist on them. And we think Coco Chanel's age-old fashion advice holds true for and industrial chic wedding too - lay everything out and then remove one element. Simplify simplify.


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