Wedding Flowers for Every Month

Choosing flowers for your wedding can be a difficult affair. Often you've set your colours and theme by the time?you're trying to decide what sort of bouquet and table arrangements you want and it can be tricky to have your florals match your aesthetic?while staying within budget

Nowadays you can pretty much get any flower at any time of the year but it will cost you a pretty penny to fly them over the equator and often the more seasonal you keeping your flowers, the better they'll flow with your wedding bliss. Why not choose flowers that are blooming at home on your wedding date, it'll lessen the florist's bill and mean your Big Day will be more in tune with it's surroundings.

So whether you're a June Bride or?planning a Christmas ceremony, we've selected the best bloomers for every month.

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If you're planning your wedding to clear those January blues (and need?an excuse to jet off somewhere nice!) there are some winter florals that are perfect for wedding arrangements. Winter Irises offer stunning colour against pale bridal tones and the texture of Ranunculus petals add an extra omph. Paper Whites have?that elegant simplicity that is ideal for a wedding.




February sees the beginning of spring shooting up so why not celebrate it with daffodils, French tulips and daphnes. There are such a variety of daffodils available out there now that you needn't have the bright yellow ones everywhere. From multi-shades to a almost-white, daffodils are the floral personification of spring.

French tulips bloom earlier than traditional tulips and have longer stems so your centre pieces won't be height-restricted. Daphne is a shrub with small flowers and a gorgeous scent that will add a seasonal sheen'to your festivities.





Bluebells have flowered by March and make for a wonderfully rustic and wild bouquet with little hanging islets?of colour. Cherry blossom, another flower of spring, blooms so fleetingly but with such affect that it would be a shame not to include it in a March wedding. Finally, add some Lily of the Valley as miniature?wedding bells in your bouquet. Those pretty little bells have long been a bridal favourite, chosen by Kate Middleton and Princess Grace of Monaco as their bridal bouquets.





Those tulips have finally come into bloom as spring begins to lend itself to warmer temperatures and they'll have vivacity and strength to an arrangement. Queen Anne's Lace is popular choice and its wild appearance lends a touch?of softness to a formal occasion. Stock is another bright selection, with blowsy bloom in a range of shades.



may 2

May is often considered the month of romance as the many-petalled peonies and roses come into flower. Peonies, the beautiful blink-and-you'll-miss-them bloom, are an excellent choice, with shades from white to pink offer?plenty in'texture and size. Antique roses, while looking divine, are often so strongly scented that they came become too much for an occasion. Look to David Austen Roses for the ideal wedding roses that provide a quiet fragrance, such as the Kiera or the Miranda seen here. Orlayas give a touch of that windswept look and make for a gorgeous filler to a bouquet. Cornflower and sweetpea are also ideal for a May wedding.





Alliums have a simply stunning architectural blossom and stem as?they come into season in June. Couple them with the wild and twisted stems of sweet pea and you've got a perfect combination. Alliums are also great for a seaside wedding, as in a bunch they resemble brightly-coloured sea anemones of the Barrier Reef. Poppies are also coming into blossom this month as you won't be able to stop staring into their intricate palm-sized petals.



july 2

The heat of the summer is now in full swing and so should your bouquet. Take advantage of the vivid colours the warmth ignites and include Delphiniums, Cosmos and Tuberoses in your wedding florals. The open-faced happiness of cosmos complement the stiff tuberoses beautifully. You have a full selection of flowers during this period so why not go bold and include everything from Larkspur to Gypsophilia.

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August sees the summer start to truly burn up and so do the blooms. The head-turning sunflowers and symmetrical wonders of dahlias can be coupled dynamically with the trailing stems and open faces of clematis flowers.



The beginning of autumn allows for the introduction?natural harvest items to be introduced without looking too twee. Scavenged blackberries, blueberries and figs make for gorgeous flourishes to bridal arrangements. Freesias and chrysanthemums offer structure and beautiful shapes to your bouquet.




As the heat starts to falter so do the blooms, but not in a bad way. Drooping snapdragons work flawlessly against the perfectly-formed zinnia blossoms. Gladiolus flowers offer blowsy blooms with structure so your wedding bouquet?can look soft and yet fully-formed.




When you start to creep into the depths of winter it can be difficulot?to source flowers this side of the hemisphere that are still in bloom. However, hydrangeas should still be in flower?and can give great texture, colour and depth to your arrangements. Amaryllis are also winter-blooming and come in a range of hues from greeny-white to festive reds.




A Christmas wedding can only mean one thing flower wise - Hellebores. Commonly known as the Christmas rose, hellebores is a winter-flowering bloom ?with angular five-petal flowers that can be grown in a selection of colours. Couple with some anemone, a beautiful round open bloom with a a textured and sometimes black centre, and you've got a stunning and strong bouquet of winter-blooming florals.

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