Wedding Favour Ideas

In the lead up to your wedding there are a million things running through your head - have the flowers arrived yet, is everyone going to be there on time, I really want to eat that cookie, has my mum always been this irritating, is the wedding DJ really all he's cracked up to be... And so on, so forth. You might be looking at wedding favours as one of those fiddly little things that you know you need to get right but don't quite know how to nail.

But wedding favours should?actually be something you look forward to giving to your guests; there's something so enjoyable about?giving your loved ones something you know?they'll like and they don't have to cost a pretty penny either. Sure, you could blow your entire budget on wedding coins with your faces on them (yes, it's a thing) or just stick to the done-to-death'sugared almonds or you could be a little more adventurous...



This simple, easily printable gift is cheap and cheerful and won't be left behind once?the party's over. It's a lovely memento that also says "we know you have no use for a tiny?painting". Yes, that's a thing too.



Why not get a bit creative and cook up some candles. We really like this lavender and rosemary candle, it's super simple and the herbs can be picked directly from your garden (or at least your green-fingered friend is sure to have some).


However, if you really have zero skills in the kitchen and fear what you might do with so much hot wax, you can take the easy route and buy plain white candles and wrap the jars in lavender. Very?pretty, they'll add a wonderful aroma and colour to every table.

Engraved Pencils


These will cost you less than €1 per person and they're ideal if you've got some wedding games or quizzes planned. While you might be a busy bee, the day can often be quite long for your guests so quizzes and questionnaires can be a fun way to pass the time. In fact, expect a wedding game article very soon!

Some Naughty Alcohol




These?little bottles of sloe gin or elderflower-infused wine make for adorable little gifts and if you're having signature cocktails you can use the corresponding favoured spirit so your guests can toast to you after the Big Day. They take minimal effort to whip?up and your guests will definitely be impressed with your skills.


If you're planning a winter wedding, we love this idea of a baby bottle of Baileys with homemade hot chocolate. Again, hot chocolate powder is dead easy to make (you can't go wrong with the Jamie Oliver recipe) and once they're neatly jarred with some marshmallows and ribbon they're sure to get some oohs and ahs.

Mixed CD



Okay, we heard it as soon as we wrote it but if you choose the right music,?people will be talking about your?CD for far longer than your wedding, no matter how amazing it was. Add a simply-designed cover and you're on to a winner.

A Hangover Kit


If it's a serious party you want at?your wedding, present your guests with a hangover kit upon arrival. It's guaranteed to get a giggle and they'll know how the evening?is going to go. Include some vitamins, a pack of alka-seltzer, some mints and perhaps a voucher for a free Bloody Mary at the hotel bar. This can be a DIY?job or you can purchase the cloth bags on Etsy.


Birdseed Hearts


We really, really love this idea. Inexpensive?and easy to do while also making very thoughtful gifts that will certainly be brought home. Find out how to make them here and watch your guests enjoy these sweet, eco-friendly favours.


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