Ten wedding cake trends that we are loving right now

When it comes to wedding cake trends, the days when a double-tiered fruit cake (with one tier being a cardboard box - yep, this is often the case) are long gone.

Now modern brides and grooms want a cake that *wows*. What’s more, they want it to represent their personalities, their relationship and their preferences in a way that goes far beyond the realm that plain white frosting with plastic human figurines on top ever could.

From naked cakes to dripping cakes; hand-painted cakes to ruffle cakes, we take a look at the most beautiful wedding cakes being created right now. Here’s hoping something might catch your eye and provide the perfect sweet-toothed inspiration for your own nuptials down the line.

Big trends

Actual cheese-cakes


Cakes made with huge wheels of cheese have been growing in popularity amongst couples who favour savoury over sweet, or who just really, really likes cheese. Y you just have to be tactical with the type of fromage you use; the stinky stuff really lets off a serious pong, while the gooey stuff leads to additional logisitcal complications. For gorgeous locally-made cheese-cakes, look no further than Sheridans.

Cheese-cake by Sheridans

Naked cakes

Getting a cake that favours the “nudist” way of life adds a rustic, quirky twist on what can otherwise be a traditional wedding cake. This style seems to have taken off as a result of couples ditching the traditional fruit cake in favour of sponge or the ever-decadent chocolate biscuit cake. We love naked cakes because they allow us to see the tiers and fillings; offering as much eye candy as they do mouth candy!

Naked wedding cake by Timeless Cakes

Hand-painted cakes

“You can quite literally get anything you want painted on your wedding cake”. This is the realisation that is rippling through the entire country of late, resulting in people getting graffiti on their cake; hand-painted watercolour artwork on their cake; sure, even the quotes to their favourite song are getting imprinted upon some cakes! If you’d consider getting amongst this hand-painted trend, then start thinking about whether you want your cake to be a classic masterpiece, a piece of sentimental intrigue, or a colourful splash of modern art.

Engraved tree-style painted cake by Cupcakes and Counting

Dripping cakes

This style of cake is all over Instagram, and for good reason too – because they look jaw-droppingly gorgeous. In what is a surprisingly simple, but effective way to decorate a cake, dripping cakes never fail to act as a focus point amongst any wedding buffet; with colourful drips setting off otherwise pristinely-white cakes fantastically.

Dripping cake by Cove Cake Design

Niche trends

Ombré Cakes

Gradual shading of colour on your cakes has a stunning effect, and if you want to keep away from the colour then consider an ivory ombré for a more classic take on the modern trend.


Quirky wildlife cakes

Using anything from succulents and sprouts to multi-coloured petals and treats (all edible of course!).


Marble Cakes

A really elegant way to inject a bit of colour into your wedding cake presentation.


Hand-painted cakes

The range of this wedding cake style is truly never-ending, as hand painted cakes can be delicate and ornate, or funky and funny.


Gold foil cakes

To add an extra touch of luxury to your big day.


Cupcake Cake

Because more is always more.

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