Wearable Technology: The Bra That Detects Breast Cancer

Wearable technology is going from strength to strength. Soon enough, we'll not only be wearing our tech to keep track of our footsteps or heartbeat but as an affordable, personal way of keeping your check in health and increase your chances of early detection when it comes to things like cancer. Currently, researchers in Colombia National University have been working hard on a piece of wearable technology that could drastically change the face of healthcare: a breast cancer-detecting bra. It's still being lab tested, but from what we've heard so far, this could be a really helpful tool on top of your regular, more traditional methods of breast-checking.

Employing infrared technology, this wonder bra (a new kind of wonder bra) will keep track of your breasts' temperature. The idea is that the infrared sensors would then become wise to any changes or abnormalities in our breasts and then notify the person wearing the bra by use of warning lights. Now before your mind floods with visions of your breasts beaming on the bus like a set of headlights, these are small subtle lights just for you to see when you're putting the bra on and off. A green light will signify that all is well; a yellow light will act as a suggestion that you should do another test (which the bra will do for you in a matter of moments) while the red light confirmation of an abnormality will instruct you to get straight to the doctor. Though it will require extensive testing and it might be a while before it's released on to the market, if these kinds of innovations prove fruitful, it could go an incredibly long way in our collective fight against cancer. Right now, early detection is the best tool we have, and with researchers working around the clock on life-changing and life-saving wearable technology, something like this just might be the weapon we need.


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