Watch: Video of a Heartbeat Mid Proposal

This video will interest the science enthusiasts among you, as well as the hopeless romantics. Even when you've been in a relationship for years, so certain of your other half's love for you, not even remotely doubtful that they'd say anything other than yes when you pop the question, proposals are still a hugely nerve-racking experience. This cool video shows the pattern of this guy's heart rate as he approaches his proposal, follows through on the question, and what happens when, much to his relief, she says yes.

Even at the outset, his heart rate is higher than the norm, but when he even thinks of the words in his head, as he musters the courage to say it out loud, his BPM sky-rockets so high that if he wasn't proposing, you'd be forgiven for thinking he was about to pass out.

Kinda sweet though, right?


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