Watch: This Video Inside A Kitten Nursery Will Make You Happy

Your next day off likely seems a long way from now and no doubt you still have a dose of the Monday blues, but fret not, as this should cheer you right up.

We're always talking about the little things we can do to make us happy and more productive, so what's one thing you can do scientifically proven to help with this? Watching?cute animal videos?is a good starting point. So,?on that delightful note, we have a clip that should make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It features baby kittens getting lovingly cared for inside a special kitten nursery. And what's cuter than looking at these tiny creatures? Seeing them wrapped in huge, fluffy towels, getting groomed using miniature toothbrushes and fed by bottles that are bigger than the kittens themselves.

In the Youtube video, a caretaker at the San Diego Humane Society documented what a day is like at a 24-hour kitten nursery. It's a centre for around-the-clock cuteness and should start your week on the right note.


Watch below:

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