Watch: Typical Tinder Relationship In 91 Seconds

Can't quite get your head around Tinder? Not sure if real love can spring from such a non-romantic platform? Well along comes Buzzfeed with a brilliant video that summarises the nature of a Tinder relationship in 91 seconds. That moment when, just as you're about to give up swiping through faces for fear that you'll never find your digital Prince Charming, you stumble upon the perfect guy. Naturally enough, his hot photo piques your attention. Then you discover what you have in common. Then comes the hint of insecurity as you wonder who that other girl in one of his photos is. Are you jealous before you've even met him? Are you that crazy? Ok, turns out they're just friends. So far he ticks all the boxes. Come to think of it, he's total husband material. But wait, what's that? He likes to do what in his spare time? Deal-breaker. Back to the game of yes/no swipey swipey.

Sound familiar?


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