Watch: Two-Year-Old Toddler Cries When Told She Can't Have A Boyfriend

In what is the most adorable video we've seen all week, two-year-old Kennedy, from Alabama, was caught on camera dissolving into tears when told by her dad that she was much too young to ?have a boyfriend.? The toddler happily tells her parents she has a boyfriend named Jared (her uncle's roommate, according to the video) and her hopes are dashed when her dad informs her that she, in fact, doesn't have one and won't be allowed to have one until she's 50. How many of us have been in a similar situation? Kennedy is just starting the process very early in life. The result is Kennedy cutely insisting she 'does? have a boyfriend once her tears have dried.

The short clip, which was originally uploaded to Facebook, has received over six million views since last week and is generally cheering up the Internet. Can we all take a minute to admire this toddler's sassy confidence? At just two, she seems to know exactly what she wants.

Watch it above and prepare to smile.


Happy Saturday.

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