Watch: Trailer For Final Robin Williams Film Released

Actor Robin Williams, who tragically passed away in August last year, was many things to many people. A friend, husband, father or the brilliant actor who never failed to make us laugh, there's no denying the impact he had on the world of film and those who loved him. Here at IMAGE, the actor was synonymous with the many beloved films from our childhoods: The Genie in Aladdin (he was the best thing about that Disney film), the fantastic Mrs Doubtfire and the cool dude in the film that gave us a few nightmares (Jumanji). Those films and how we felt when we watched them on repeat summed up many happy memories for so many. These happy memories dimmed a little when we heard of his passing.

It was hard to stomach that a man who devoted much of his life to making others happy, could have felt such sadness in his own life, and this is what makes his final film, Boulevard, all the more poignant.

The trailer alone made us shed a few tears, so we know we'll be in a right state when we come to watch the whole thing.

Boulevard centers on Williams, who plays married banker in late middle age who follows through on an impulse to pick up a young male prostitute and starts to question where he is in his life.? He laments that life has passed him by so quickly - "Nothing turned out the way I thought, I guess, and suddenly, I'm 60 years old? - the subject matter in the film no doubt resonated with Williams in a deep way, and the sheer sadness of this fact will make you well up when you watch it.

This was Williams's final film, and we're betting it will be one of his finest performances, no doubt resulting in much acclaim, as he so deserves. We only wish he was still here to see it all unfold. The trailer is below and the film is due for release next month:



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