Watch: This Viral Ad Reminds Us To Unite Against Hate

We've reached Trump overdrive at IMAGE. We're lamenting that the bulk of our conversations revolve around this stubby-fingered person (he hates being called that) and his selfish, shocking actions. But what is there to do? He's causing upheaval; mass distress and through we'd be tempted to bury our heads in the sand, this isn't the time to stay silent. But it is a difficult time. ?And there's so much talk of sides and division: him vs. us, them vs. him, that it can be easy to forget the sheer power that comes with uniting in the name of our similarities, with standing as one. That is, what the Trump Administration would have you forget - that the only sure way to defeat hatred is to create our own happy wall against it.

Thankfully, this weekend gave us something to think about besides fearing for the world, our differences and the lesser things from the daily commute that comes with a new week or having to glance at Trump's wig until we feel nauseous: a beautiful Danish ad which is destined to soothe your aching heart.

The viral video, ?All that we share?, was released by a Danish TV channel and has now been watched millions upon millions of times. It too?is timely and talks of boxes. ?It's easy to put people in boxes: there's us, and there's them,? begins a narrator. On a stage, people are standing in groups signifying the boxes which can be created for them by society. There is the ?the high earners and those just getting by. Those we trust and those we try to avoid." And then they?begin, as a group, to stand in the centre of the stage united by what should divide them. Only it doesn't. The differing experiences are what binds them - us - together.??And suddenly, there's all of us.?

The clip serves as a heartwarming reminder that amid such hatred, togetherness will always triumph and make us happy.


Watch it below for a Monday boost:

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