Watch: This May Just Be The Best Bridesmaid Speech Ever

Are you going to be a bridesmaid at an upcoming wedding? Are you nervous about your speech? Then you may want to take note of this hilariously amazing speech from sisters Kelsey and Maddie Hallerman from the US. The girls were co'maids of honour at their sister Caitlin's wedding in June, and they delivered an epic, five-minute-long song medley of a speech that should be pitted against all future speeches.

In what is one of the most creative wedding speeches ever, after all the usual lovely speech stuff, the girls take their moment to shine and treat the bride, groom and all the guests to a truly epic singing affair. Everyone was suitably impressed, as they should be as the entire thing is brilliant.

Afterwards, the Maddie Hallerman told Buzzfeed that she and her sister began thinking of a way to do a creative toast soon after the couple got engaged. She said they began making a list of song ideas they could make into a toast medley, though she added Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey got nixed because of their 'severe inability to hit the high notes.?

Since Kelsey Hallerman lives in Los Angeles, and Maddie Hallerman lives in San Francisco, they only had a little bit of time to write the song and practice it.??Essentially, what you see in the video is the first time we actually gave it our all,? Maddie Hallerman said.

They really did. Watch it below:


What do you think of their speech?

Via Buzzfeed

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