Watch: This Lion Cub Trying To Roar Will Make Your Day

The path to becoming an adult is a long and difficult one, and we all start out taking baby steps as we try to concur the bigger things in life. Case in point: this adorable baby lion cub trying to master his first roar. Please brace yourselves for an onslaught of cuteness (and a moment directly from The Lion King) as this cub tries to tackle his lion's roar. In a video posted to YouTube recently (aptly titled ?the littlest roar?), the tiny lion cub tries out his pipes, and the results are making us all say ?awwww!? repeatedly. No doubt he'll be king of the jungle one day, but for now he'll have to work on his growling/roar, which currently sounds like he has nothing more than a cough. The short clip has won the hearts of many and clocked up over 2 million?views in just four days. No wonder.

Watch it above for a happy start to your Sunday.


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