WATCH: The trailer for the new season of Making A Murderer is here

What is it about the obsessive nature that goes hand-in-hand with true crime documentaries? We can't get enough of them; something Netflix has well and truly cashed in on in recent months with a slew of programmes that have us glued to our screens and seats - why venture out when we can watch the action from the comfort of our houses?

Making a Murderer was one such gripping series. The crimes, plight of Steven Avery and shocking twists and turns of the case made for water-cooler chatter like we haven't seen since the early days of Twin Peaks.

And now it's back for a second season. After revealing a few details, Netflix has premiered the full trailer for the new season which will premiere on October 19th.

In the clip, we see Avery reflecting on the public interest in his case, saying his life has been changed as a result of the show, even from behind bars.  “You know some people they feel really bad or sad that everything happened to me, and sometimes it feels like you want to cry but you can’t,” Avery says amidst a montage of photos. “I’m kind of shocked sometimes. I didn’t think all of these people would care.”


The trailer touches on the various facets of Making a Murderer Season Two, including the efforts of Avery’s new attorney, Kathleen Zellner, to overturn her client’s conviction. The series suggests that he didn't commit his alleged crimes. “If this case is solid, if he’s guilty – I’ll fail,” she says in the clip. The clip also looks at the attempts to prove that Avery’s nephew and co-defendant, Brendan Dassey, was coerced into making a false confession.

Watch it below:

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