Watch: The Most OTT Marriage Proposal That Was 365 Days In The Making

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Here's a proposal video that went viral earlier this year and has begun to do the rounds once again.

This might be the corniest, most Motilium-requiring proposal you'll ever witness, but we'd have to be made of stone if we didn't give this guy 10 out of 10 for effort. A proposal that's 365 days in the making? That's impressive.

Rather than get down on one knee under the Eiffel Tower on a predictable trip to Paris (apologies to anyone planning this as you read), Dean Smith here decided to show his beloved that he means business by proposing to her every single day for a year, all without her knowing of course.

Each and every day, he films himself holding a whiteboard with some form of proposal question, set against some of the most sickeningly love-filled songs we've ever endured.

Though most Irish folk would probably die of mortification, this American girl is a weeping ball of emotion, surrounded by friends and family on her birthday, when the whole event is finally revealed, and she turns around to find Dean in a tuxedo. We assume she says yes.


Here's hoping this is a couple that don't concede to the overwhelming American divorce rates.

Over to you, amazing or OTT?

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