Watch: Simone Biles makes history at the U.S Gymnastics Championships

Gymnast Simone Biles made history at the weekend by being the first woman ever to land two notoriously difficult moves.

Simone Biles is only 22 years old but is already the most decorated American gymnast of all time.

She is a 14-time world champion and at the 2016 Olympics, she won gold in the individual all-around, vault, floor and team all-around competitions. Consistently breaking records, the gymnast blew onlookers away at the U.S Gymnastics Championships over the weekend.

Making history


Simone landed a triple double — which consists of a double backflip with three twists — during her floor routine. She is the first woman ever to land the move. The gymnast attempted the notoriously hard sequence on Friday but failed to make the landing. However, she made up for this in the final round and stunned in doing so.

Speaking to The New York Times Simone called the tripe double "the hardest move in the world". The move is one usually undertaken in men's gymnastics but she wanted to push herself saying: "I feel like you should never settle just because you are winning or you are at the top. You should always push yourself.”

While taking part in the beam segment of the competition, she once again made history by completing a double-double dismount, which is a double-twisting double somersault. She became the first gymnast in history to land it.



The 22-year-old won gold on the floor, vault and beam while coming third in the bars competition. Subsequently, she won the all-around title which is now her sixth time winning that award.

All eyes will now be looking towards the 2020 Olympics which takes place next year in Tokyo to see if she can build on this current momentum.

Image: Team USA Twitter page 

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