Watch: Simone Biles Answers Vogue's 73 Questions

Prior to her phenomenal success in the Olympic Games, she was already hailed as a prodigy, and 19-year-old American gymnast Simone Biles secured that title, won over the world and four Olympic Gold medals in the process, making her one of the most decorated female athletes in the world. Her phenomenal performances on vault, floor and beam were a highlight and executed with exceptional skill, grace, and power; she radiated happiness with every air-defying summersault. She is now a worldwide treasure (and she got to hug Beyon? at the VMAs) and while the Games are over, it looks like she happily isn't shying away from the limelight too much; she is the latest to feature in Vogue's infamous '73 Questions' series.

The cameras followed the 19-year-old at her training facility to find out what it takes to be the best gymnast in history and over 70 other things that make her tick. She adorably also mentions her dream date with Efron (breakfast on the beach) and what their celebrity couple name would be, "Zimone" - clearly the best couple name?ever.

Watch the full clip below and prepare to fall in love with Simone Biles all over again:


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