Watch: Sharon Horgan Is A US Chat Show Queen

Actress and writer Sharon Horgan, one of our Irish talents, is always one to watch. Her brilliantly funny, hit TV show Catastrophe was renewed for its second season and has just aired in the US. It is a must see. The series, which centres on an Irish teacher (Horgan) living in London who starts a relationship with an American businessman after she falls pregnant following a fling, is witty, intelligent and unashamedly (hilariously) real. Critics agree and have also praised the show for its 'real-ness? qualities.

The Meath native wrote (and stars in) the show following her personal experiences with her now-husband and?Horgan is over in America at the moment alongside her Catastrophe co-star Rob Delaney promoting the release of the show's second season on Amazon, and she is a chat show queen. Appearing on?Conan O'Brien, she managed to seamlessly tie-in promo for the new series with witty commentary on kids:

Horgan and Delaney then both appeared on The Ellen Show and the charming duo managed to win Ellen and the audience over simply with their explanation of the series. We can vouch for them; the show is damn good.


Next up for Horgan is her follow-up project, and Sarah Jessica Parker's TV comeback, Divorce (currently in post-production).

The series stars Parker, who will play a woman going through a messy split from her husband. The show, which was bought by none other than TV network giant HBO, will surely be a thing of brilliance given Horgan's reputable CV to date (Pulling was also a gem). Plus, we like to think that it cements the Irish connection between ourselves and the wonderful SJP, which, you know, can only be good.

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