Watch Sarah Jessica-Parker Defend Sex and the City 2

Was Sex and the City 2 really as bad as critics thought?

Billy on the Street in an infectious YouTube delight, where comedian Billy Eichner takes to the pavements of New York to harass and make laughs. This week's entry comes courtesy of Sarah Jessica Parker and some very hurt feelings about Sex and the City 2.

The movie was universally despised and derided when it was released in 2010. People called it out as a tone deaf celebration of capitalism and greed. The movie's Middle East setting was also frowned upon. The plot was not good.


How did SJP cope with such an onslaught of hate? Billy feels all the anger was totally misplaced and that the vitoral was the result of men who hated the original show's dissection of masculinty waiting to pounce. He thinks the movie stands the test of time and that it was just a lamb for the eager slaughter. Sarah Jessica Parker kind of concurs, ?You're saying things I would have never had the courage to say.?

In retrospect, do you think the movie was unfairly treated? Watch the clip here.

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