Watch: Saoirse Ronan On Homesickness, Her First Oscars & Feeling Insecure

It's darn impossible not to be charmed by the talented, yet fiercely humble megastar that is Saoirse Ronan. As award season reaches its peak Ronan has proved there's no one more fitting to act as ambassador for?this Emerald Isle. Remember when Vanity Fair asked her to teach them (and us, the enchanted viewers)?how to make the perfect cuppa?

They also sat down for a chat with the actress, which they've just uploaded. Turns out, they think she should run for President too. We love her tale of her first ever Oscars event, finding out that she has trouble making a fire (yeah, us too) and her wise words on overcoming insecurities about her looks.

This is the way I look. There's nothing?about it and I don't want to do anything about it. I'm quite happy having the lovely people around me that I do and it's more about your personality and the friends that you have than anything else.

Never change Saoirse.


Watch the clip below and prepare to love her more than you already do, if that's possible.

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