Watch: Ryan Reynolds' Super Bowl Commercial Is All You Need To See Today

Even if you could care less about the Super Bowl itself, the ads always give us plenty to talk about. Asides from Helen Mirren's brilliantly stern don't drink and drive ad, actor Ryan Reynolds? venture on the small screen has caught our eye this weekend.

Hyundai's first-ever Super Bowl ad takes place in Ryanville, which is populated by a plethora of Reynoldses, which means a lot of swoon-worthy shots of the former Sexiest Man Alive. In just under a minute, we get hot Ryan the builder, hot Ryan the cop and hot Ryan walking loads of adorable dogs. He's good with tools, a pro at football, and yes, we know he's taken, but it never hurts to dream.

It's okay Ryan; we've forgiven you for Green Lantern.

When we die, we would like to enter Ryanville, please and thank you.


Watch it below and let the endorphins kick in.

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