Watch: Rescue Dog Sleeps On Bed For The First Time And Loves It

As we prepare to curl up in our cosy beds this chilly Friday night, we have a video that's bound to make you appreciate yours more than ever. Meet 7-year-old bull terrier, Millie. This pup was a rescue dog, who, according to this video, had never known the pure joy of soft place to sleep. We know those joyful feelings well. The pure bliss sense of euphoria that comes from climbing in-between the sheets after a long day is second to none.

Your own feelings of happiness are bound to be multiplied by a thousand as you watch Millie excitedly appreciate her new place of slumber. Before this moment, Millie presumably was in a shelter, and who knows where she was before that. She may have been homeless or living outside at the end of a chain. She was rescued by Pibbles and More Animal Rescue, and they are looking for a loving home for her. However, in the meantime, she's in paradise and as you'll see, way too excited to even think about snoozing.

Watch as the elated pup wriggles around in the blanket in what is her first-ever experience of a bed. And if you have pets of your own, make sure they are equally warm and cosy tonight, as it is a cold one out there.


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