WATCH: Reeling in the Years montage shows the joy that Jack Charlton brought to Ireland

Former football player and manager Jack Charlton's passing yesterday prompted a nationwide outpouring of grief and tributes

Jack Charlton's passing yesterday at the age of 85 prompted tributes around the country to a man who brought unbridled joy, confidence and love of football to a nation in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Charlton, originally from Northumberland in the U.K, was a defender for Leeds and the England team before taking over the reins as Ireland's manager in 1986. Under his coaching, Ireland reached their first major finals at Euro 88 and qualified for the World Cup in Italy in 1990 and four years later in 1994.

The team reached the quarter-finals in 1990, with Italia '90 still affectionately remembered as one of the most celebrated summers in our recent history.


Charlton sadly passed away after struggling with lymphoma and dementia. His death was a hard blow for thousands across Ireland, who remember him as a larger-than-life character and an honorary Irish man.

In the midst of the tributes, a clip from RTÉ's anthology series Reeling in the Years surfaced on YouTube, showing the unbridled joy and celebrations experienced across Ireland during the 1990 World Cup. Charlton, in his leadership of the Irish team, was responsible for so many memories - he will be sadly missed.

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