Watch: Puppy Feeling Rain For The First Time Will Give You All The Feels

This adorable dog should perk up your Sunday morning. We frequently bemoan our rainy climate. It messes with our outfits, hair and is a general nuisance. However, one adorable pup doesn't share our feelings of woe when it comes to a shower of droplets, and this is the reason this video has made us smile. Meet Shelby, an English Bulldog puppy, who is a mere 13-weeks-old. She was outside in her back garden in Detroit in the US when this heart-warming footage was filmed as she experiences rain for the first time.

Her incredulous reaction is just priceless. She seems to be saying: ?What even is this?!? The cute clip has since gone viral and has been viewed over 800,000 times.

Shelby may love the rain now, but we're not sure her feelings of appreciation will last!

Watch it below for a happy start to your Sunday.



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