Watch: Puppy Can't Handle This Mini Pumpkin

The autumn season brings about many things we love: scarves, hats, and of course, pumpkin spiced lattes. These delicious frothy drinks all stemmed from the humble pumpkin, but one puppy isn't having any of it. A new video has gone viral across the web as a corgi pup desperately tries to attempt the showdown of the century with a mini pumpkin he just can't handle.

A video uploaded to YouTube by user Jackie Ocean's channel shows the corgi, Bilbo, as he?confronts a little pumpkin in what appears to be the family's kitchen. The puppy becomes distraught by the tiny orange being in his'domain. He then?adorably barks and paws at its nemesis. His frustration is evident, and it makes for happy watching.

?Bilbo still can't deal with the mini pumpkin,? the video's caption reads. ?He's about 8 or 9 weeks old here.? The video has garnered more than 450,000 views in less than two weeks.


Check it out below and prepare your ovaries for an onslaught of cuteness.

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