Watch: Powerful Video Demonstrates Female Objectification In Advertising

Do you love giving blowjobs to sandwiches? Yeah, we thought not.


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If you thought the objectification of women through advertising was a thing of the past, this video is here to remind you that you'd be wrong. Very wrong. It's quite a strong case put forward by the women behind the #WomenNotObjects campaign, but it's hard to disagree with. It's pretty funny too when you consider the ridiculous ways in which women are sexualised and degraded to sell everything from a burger to a man's aftershave - "The key to my heart? A man that smells like a vagina". Now of course, the objectification of men can be just as rife, but it's the focus on women's body parts in particular that sits uneasy with these campaigners (and plenty more, we assume).


Have a look for yourself; have we grown too accustomed to accepting these advertising practices? Join the conversation on Twitter, with #WomenNotObjects.

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