WATCH: This powerful short film shows the challenges faced by Irish emigrants during Covid-19

As we continue to come together by staying apart, in the bubble of our day-to-day, it can be hard to imagine a scenario where we aren't on home shores. But for so many Irish emigrants around the world, this is their reality. They have another home but it's still not quite home, and far away from the familiar sights and sounds they once knew.

We are strongest together; the Irish take care of each other in such a way that is unmatched by any other nation and to be away from family and friends at such an uncertain time, well, it just makes the ache run a little bit deeper.

This video, 'Oceans Apart', a poignant short film for #MayoDay by Lorcan Hynes, depicting how emigration and Covid-19 restrictions affect Irish families and friendships, beautifully depicts this.

"We've been here before... faced uncertain terrain"


But we're doing what we've always done, coming together to overcome a challenge. We are connecting, waiting for the storm to pass. Until we see each other again.

Watch the film below:

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