Watch: People React To Being Called Beautiful And It's Wonderful

As a nation, it's fair to say that we're not too fond of receiving compliments. Women, in particular, have difficulty accepting one as Amy Schumer pointed out. It's also fair to say that we put ourselves down a great deal, and can even dismiss our achievements. We're all ?Thanks, Penneys,? when we should rate our successes much more highly. On one hand, bashfully brushing off such compliments is an endearing trait, and it's charming. On the other, playing down your hard work does you no justice. Why shouldn't you (gracefully) acknowledge the positive words, say ?thank you? and move on? It will give you a real boost and could make your day.

To prove it, 18-year-old US student Shea Glover conducted a social experiment and went around her school asking teachers and students to pose for a project. "I'm taking pictures of things I find beautiful," she said to both friends and strangers.

The reactions are priceless and heartwarming. Many people look startled and then suddenly begin grinning ear to ear - before becoming embarrassed. One participant reacts with anger (which is a little bizarre), while another is so happily surprised that she almost breaks down in tears. The 5-minute video montage is moving and uplifting - we guarantee you won't be able to suppress a smile while watching.

In particular, Glover's video highlights the negative perception so many individuals can have of themselves - some subjects brushed off the compliment as fake, and others were?in disbelief.


?There is so much beauty in the world,? she said in her video. ?If you blink, you'll miss it.?

Watch it below, and the next time you receive a compliment, smile and accept it. You deserve it.

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