Watch: Nivea Ad Teaches Children About Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is so important. We all know this, yet sometimes putting on SPF can be a chore, often forgotten about. Even if you do manage to cover the requisite body parts - it's not just the face, your ears, arms and scalp need attention too - reapplying can often slip your mind. Suncare on a warm climes holidays presents even more challenges - more sun, and the tempting allure of the beach.

It's recommended that you wait fifteen minutes for sunscreen to soak thoroughly into your skin before wading into the water, a rule that can be difficult to enforce with giddy and adventurous children.

This ad from Nivea and Brazilian agency FCB Brazil offers an ingenious means of educating children about taking care of themselves in the sun. The secret sensible weapon? Cute toys.

In the video below children who are anxious to run into the water are gifted with cute dolls, which are made from a UV-sensitive material. When exposed to the sun the toys actually burn, turning a sore pink. The only way to dissipate such a shade is through a good slather of sunscreen. As points out, this isn't what helps cures sunburn, but it does show children how necessary protection is. If the toy is covered with Nivea sunscreen from the get-go it is protected from the sun's damaging glares.

Have a watch below.


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