WATCH: The new trailer for Sally Rooney's Normal People has been released

Fans have been awaiting the TV adaptation of Normal People for months

Since the release of her second novel, Normal People, in 2018, Sally Rooney has quickly transformed from Irish newcomer to critically acclaimed author. Winning the Costa Novel Award last year for her enthralling page-turner, Rooney is the youngest recipient ever of the prestigious award – and deservedly so.

So when there was news of a BBC series based on the bestseller, Rooney fans were buzzing. Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones (War of the Worlds) and theatre star Paul Mescal, the story follows school friends Marianne and Connell as they strike up a secret romance.

Complete opposites, in secondary school Connell is popular while Marianne is more the shy type. But everything changes when they both go on to attend Trinity College in big city Dublin. Roles reverse and why Marianne thrives, Connell struggle to find footing in a new and complicated world.


Rooney gives a unique and fascinating perspective on the evolution of young relationships and the powerful effects of class, sex, family and most of all, power.

Twists and turns soon surprise readers of what we thought was just another love story but turns out to be something different and darkly intriguing.

While the series will initially air on BBC iPlayer at the end of the month, RTÉ have also announced that they will be airing Normal People too, with a release date yet to be announced.

Watch the newly released, full trailer here:



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